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The Zionist love ‘Copy Cat’ terrorist.


If today’s “attempted act of terrorism” shows us anything it’s that the Zionist media and political establishment loves copy cat terrorism. Why fund radical Wahhabi schools and plan intricate false flags if some want to be Jihadist is going to blow him self up scaring commuters and throwing the morning into chaos in New York city’s most popular terminal. The deranged idea that this is what Allah wants for Islam is preposterous. The lower IQ stooges who partake in this sort of action are victims of deception who are doing the bidding of International Zionist and Salafist jinn over-lords who are the ones that ultimately profit from these low level terrorist attacks.

According to original reports this morning Akayed Ullah, a 27-year-old man of Bangladeshi descent detonated a “low tech” pipe bomb strapped to his body with Velcro and zipties in an underground passageway near Port Authority Bus Terminal in midtown Manhattan just as Monday’s peak morning commute got underway, prompting mass evacuations, initially appearing to seriously injure no one but himself.

Three other people suffered injuries consistent with being at the scene of a blast, like ringing ears and headaches, officials said. 

Filling the area with smoke, prompting a massive police response and the evacuation of the Times Square and Port Authority subway hubs, snarling New York’s morning commute. The spin doctors of the US foreign policy and Zionist cabal that runs the media will undoubtedly attribute this to Islam and make it about their their holy crusade, racist opportunist so called journalist will inevitably publish articles claiming the confused deranged assailant yelled “Allah Akbar” before his home made pipe bomb accidentally exploded, the police state and military industrial apparatus will of course use this to justify the need for more spending and greater security, and like wise the POTUS Donald J. Trump will attribute this attack to his decision to grant Israel position of Jerusalem.

Help me get the word out; this is not Islam, this is an agenda, and though the person responsible is to be held accountable, we must recognize that the idea that they served is not of God but of the great deceiver. The driving force behind the Jihadist movement is the people in power that it serves to justify. I ask who does this befit but the Zionist establishment ?? Together we must take a stand and make aware those who are being mislead, there are hidden hands at play and history manifesting itself before our eyes, now is the time that we make known that we will not be mislead. The people who are responsible for these actions deserve reproach but so do the ideologies at the top on both sides that promote, glorify, and profit from these events. I believe that education is the answer to fear, people fear what they do not understand, there has never been a more important time to educate people on the real spiritual tenants of the Abrahamic traditions that were derived from natural law. We all know that two wrongs do not make a right, the fight we embrace is not one of retribution but of salvation. Together we can defeat the beast inshallah.