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How the US terrorizes North Korea with War & Propaganda.


Most Americans are unfamiliar with the true relationship between the US and North Korea. The propaganda networks in the united states paint the democratic people’s republic of Korea as a rogue isolationist state, with a leader who is hell bent on destroying America and is thus a danger to our way of life. The average adult in the US watches almost 35 hours of television a week, and vast majority of their understanding of international relationship is derived from TV consumption. The war hawks of mass media machine and it’s conglomerates have long found a way to turn fear and conflict into profits. Little is said of the air force’s three years of ‘rain and ruin, Unknown to most Americans, the US ‘totally destroyed’ North Korea once before

In its Korean War bombing campaign, the US ‘burned down every town in North Korea’.

From 1950-1953 The bombing of Pyongyang was conducted as part of a gradual and sustained U.S. Air Force aerial bombardment campaign conducted against the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (North Korea) during the Korean War. By the time of the armistice, 75 percent of Pyongyang’s area was destroyed by the bombing campaign, which was part of a broader U.S. bombing effort throughout the country which cost the lives of nearly 3 million North Koreans by the time the war ended.[1] On top of that fact for the last decade the US, South Korea, and allies have ran mock nuclear bombing drills over North Korea territory literally “Terrorizing” the people of the DPRK at-least twice a year sometimes more. Increased tensions the headlines read in the west. What do you expect ? The military industrial media alliance present the image to the American people that North Korea is some kind of threat to the west. The trance of fear the propaganda machine has been able to create on both side is a catalyst to global tyranny, on one side the people are ruled by fear, and their innate need to feel protected. On the other side the state controls by complete domination and on both sides there is fear of the repercussions of government. Whilst the DPRK and its leadership surely represent a despicable form of statism, it is important that we as Americans need to take some responsibility for the militaristic mindset of the people’s republic, as it is the natural psychological result of being bullied and beat down by a monolithic empire, as isolationist as North Korea is America is equally as expansionist, and its proclivity to intervene in foreign affairs has created, some would say manufactured its need for defence, and we as adults and members of this society and of this earth need to take some responsibility. Do what we can to learn history and to become active in defeating the fear based trance the matrix social controlers have created as it is our responsibility for the future of everyone.   

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