Rapper Joe Budden Exposes Human Sacrifices in Hip Hop Industry


Ski Mask The Slump God Recently revealed some dark details about his falling out with XXXTentacion.

In a since-deleted Instagram story, rapper Ski Mask claimed that XXXTentacion “Is a person who has before threaten[ed] my family, told me I was supposed to be sacrificed on some crazy shit. So no I didn’t just separate myself for no reason.” With this revelation, it’s clear that there’s more to the story behind Ski Mask and X’s falling out, especially if the latter was on some human sacrifice shit. Many friendships have breaking points, and Ski speaks true, then it’s no surprise The Slump God has moved on to greener pastures.

“I have heard about this” said Joe Budden on Complex’s ‘Everyday Struggle‘ program. After Co-host DJ Akademiks mentioned that some people online believe that some celebrities within the hip-hop industry have performed human sacrifices on friends and loved ones for more fame. Rumors of hip hop sacrifices have been around since at least the late 1980’s following the mysterious death of Scott La Rock, and have only grown more prevalent and acceptable now that conspiracy theories have become so popular online.

Budden’s comments seem to confirm the long held belief that some of the most famous and well known celebrities had to commit a kind of “blood sacrifice” as an initiation into a society of fame and fortune.

Several years ago a documentary was released entitled “BLOOD SACRIFICE FOR FAME FORTUNE“,  a documentary in which public enemy’s Professor Griff  spoke about planned blood sacrifices & assassinations of black leaders & musicians such as 2 pac , bob Marley , Malcolm X , Jimi Hendrix , Martin Luther king , Jam master Jay, the death of Aaliyah and much more. He shows an official FBI document to show how 2Pac & biggie smalls were sacrificed.

You will notice how many celebrities highlight or hide one eye. Some even hide one eye with their hair, hand, a prop, or makeup. This is meant to represent The Eye of Horus. Basically, The Eye of Horus is an Egyptian symbol used to represent the all seeing eye.
Image result for 666 hand sign over eye hip hop

The movie goes into Jay-z being called in by the hidden hand of the Illuminati & being rewarded with a 40 thousand dollar a night room on a beach with Beyonce.

The documentary goes into the death of Aaliyah  & reveals how Damon dash’s used her as a blood sacrifice for fame & fortune & reveals how Jay-z & Aaliyah were once a couple in a relationship, goes into the love triangle between Aaliyah, jay-z & Damon dash, Aaliyah’s last film queen of the damned & the tragic plane crash that bought her to her death, how her funeral & shows how the men who bought Aaliyah coffin let the élite know that the blood sacrifice had taken place. There have been dozens of example since.

“I have heard this before and you are correct” Joe Budden said, “I never really heard fans with this rhetoric.. but I’m serious I am not joking, I know I joke a lot, but everything that you are saying I’ve heard, this is some real class-ism type stuff.. like an initiation into a gang” Said Budden. “It sound’s nuts.. I’m not saying any more” Joe clearly understood that he had crossed into an area that might not be safe for him to talk about publicly. Joe has been known to cook up conspiracy theories over the years, he is excellent at creating interest in his brand. What do you think ? Is there sacrifices for fame and fortune or is this another exaggerated story on the internet ?