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How did ‘woke posting’ start becoming so popular ?


It’s not just conspiracy theories and fake news floating around social networks now a days as some media pundits would like us all to believe. There is a growing number of people who are dedicated to pushing truth to the limits on social networks. Sure there are some crazy theories and click bait stories are common place on today’s social media platforms, but there is also the long hidden principles of sacred geometry, ancient alchemy, blue prints for advanced technology, and more enlightening information is available to the masses then ever before in the history of man kind.

Humanity is in a daze, a life time of surfing the information super high way, has created a tidal wave of enlightenment that has sucked modern civilization into the proverbial rabbit hole. We exist in a time where the entirety of  human beings collective knowledge is instantly available at all times in hand held form from the moment you’re able to read you have access to all that has ever been learned. It’s a phenomenal time to be alive.

The woke generation

I honestly do not like the term “woke”, as coined and co-opted by Soro’s funded agitators like DeRay Mckesson, but for this article it works as “woke posts” have now become popular on social media, and today many more people claim to be more aware of social realities and global issues. There is no denying that the collective consciousness of the world is rising. There is a lot of questions about why it’s become the popular thing, “to be woke”, ( I cringe when I write it like that). and there is definitely a lot of people that do not want the world to be more aware, mostly those who have long profited from the peoples ignorance.

The “woke generation” believes that they can challenge people, institutions and social structures which have polluted the earth with social ills and multiple forms of violence (structural, physical, emotional, sexual, psychological et cetera). ~ Medium

Today many have turned to social media to educate the world about critical social, political and economic system issues and this has lead to a growth in the development and nurturing of counter institutions that are being created by those who are becoming more aware of today’s issues and are working on ways to resolve them.

It’s difficult to know what the exact reasons are for the monumental growth of  “woke culture”, but there are several areas that we should consider that have some influence. Research has shown that the political socialization of individuals occurs between the ages of 16 and 25. Traditional methods of political socialization like state run education, television, magazines, and family have become less of an influence during those critical developmental years. With the rise of the internet and the ability to share information on social media platforms a persons socioeconomic background no longer plays a key roll in the extent of the education available to them, and now it seems ‘being woke’ has become a desirable trait which many social media users are engaging in. Hard copies of books are expensive and perceived by many young people as boring, but now with platforms like YouTube growing in popularity not only has higher educational material become available at no cost to  the public there is financial incentive for creators to make educational content.

University of Washington professor Kate Starbird was studying how conspiracy theories propagated online. Her work focused on Twitter, and the emergence of “conspiracy theories.” What she found was an alternative media ecosystem. A thriving network of alternative media companies and individuals dedicated to finding and exposing corruption, collusion, and conspiracies. This movement has undermined the public’s trust in major media and government institutions (deservedly in my opinion).

As of August 2017, more than two-thirds (67%) of Americans report that they get at least some of their news from social media – according to a new survey from Pew Research Center.

There is no single reason for the rise in popularity of sharing information on social networks, there is multitude of plausible explanations starting with it’s mere existence, because of the prevalence of social media in our lives people are simply getting more of their information there. Commercial news companies used to tout the tag line “you hear it here first”, with today’s technology allowing anyone with a smart phone to instantly record and upload stories to large audiences that is no longer the case.

It would be totally naive to not commend the hundreds of independent journalist and content creators who worked there asses off in this new form of news media before it was popular and quite literally created the industry of whats now officially classified as “the alternative media.” If it were not for these trail blazers outfits like this one would in all likelihood not exist.

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With that being said it would be equally foolish not to acknowledge today’s “conspiracy theorists”, although now widely discredited in alternative circles, radio show host turned cult personality Alex Jones was instrumental in building what is now a thriving counter culture media movement. The fifth estate, and the rise of the anti-media can trace its roots deep into the history of revolution, from the advent of the printing press there has been those among us who’s very desire’s to educate, to raise the collective conscious, and make the masses more aware of the world around them. When Martin Luther posted his theses on the door of the all saints church on October 31st, 1517, is that not the same contumacious spirit as the guy who posted 911 truth on George Bushes social network pages. The soul of the conscientious resister, truther, and woke poster has persisted throughout history and will continue long after we’re gone. The human spirit desires and will seek out truth in whatever form available in the current mode. A woke person is therefore an individual who is well informed, questioning and critical. One who applies an inter-sectional in depth lens to everything they encounter. The popularity of woke posting is the result of the establishments failure to provide honest information to the public, and the main stream news media’s continued willingness to capitulate to government intimidation and corporate advertisers. A generation of disenfranchised, underemployed nonconformist with access to the whole of human’s collective knowledge, and the ability to speak their mind’s freely on a platform capable of reaching millions of people, the resulting ‘woke movement’ was inevitable.

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