Home Middle East Explosives, Other Weapons Stolen From IDF Base in Northern Israel

Explosives, Other Weapons Stolen From IDF Base in Northern Israel


Explosives, Other Weapons Stolen From IDF Base in Northern Israel. (Again)

Anti-tank mines, assault rifle ammunition stolen from IDF base

Military weaponry was stolen from an armory on a base in northern Israel last night or this morning, the army says.

The stolen equipment includes anti-tank mines, ammunition for assault rifles, explosive charges and detonators.

This morning, soldiers serving on the base discovered signs that someone had broken into the armory, and weaponry was also found to be missing.

“The Military Police and [the base’s] commanders opened an investigation into the incident,” the army says.

For years, the army has been struggling with loosing military-grade weaponry. The guns, explosives and — occasionally — missiles are stolen from army bases in northern Israel and bases in the occupied Golan Heights region of broken up Syria. More often than not the weapons end up in the hands of Israel and western backed takfiri militants, mercenaries and criminals being used to destabilize the region.

Earlier this year, after nearly three dozen M-16 assault rifles were stolen from a base in southern Israel, the army said it would be investing additional funds into better security systems for military armories.

Israel may be able to play the old fell asleep at the guard post routine with the rest of the media but not here, the IDF has one of the most technologically advanced strategic defense systems on the planet, the imbecilic mistake excuse might account for loosing a few supplies in a heated region, but the repetitiveness and reluctance to fix the problem indicate this is a issue of more corruption, and the guards were likely paid sleep in the shed as it were.