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VIDEO: ISIS convoy allowed to escape Raqqa to fight the Syrian Army


AMASCUS, SYRIA– Al-Masdar News has obtained jaw-dropping footage from northern Syria suggesting the US-led coalition has allowed hundreds of ISIS vehicles to leave Raqqa city for areas controlled by the Syrian Arab Army (SAA).

Despite Kurdish and American drones hovering above Raqqa on all flanks, the Islamic State convoy remained completely untouched by coalition airstrikes, thus suggesting an under-the-table deal may have been struck between the warring parties:

According to an Al-Masdar News researcher, the footage could be traced back to earlier this month while the convoy in the video later was bombed by the Russian Air Force.

Some believe that the US-led coalition allowed thousands of ISIS militants to escape Mosul back in November, 2016 only to capture the ancient Syrian city of Palmyra the following month.

The news of ISIS convoys escaping Raqqa correlates with increased ISIS pressure imposed on the Deir Ezzor pocket where the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) is struggling to hold its ground while US-backed Kurdish forces have captured three suburbs in Raqqa with relative ease.

Last month, the US-led coalition also confirmed a Tabqa deal had been struck with ISIS, thus allowing jihadist fighters to evacuate an isolate pocket of territory in western Raqqa.

Plan A was to allow ISIS to kill Assad and then roll into Iran, as per the plan outlined to us all by General Wesley Clark.

This is Plan B.

Plan B is to basically steal much of Syria so it remains under control of pro US forces (Kurds, moderate terrorist rebels etc) and not give it back to what’s left of Syria when we’re done.

That’s why the US is pouring (our) money into Syria with these illegal ops. It’s not to defend Assad or help the Syrians, we’ve been attacking them from day 1, it’s to illegally annex large swathes of Syria. The Kurds say they want 30%, is the US backed ‘rebels’ opposition forces get another 30% that leaves just 40% of Syria to Assad. It’s basically another Korea for us, with Assad’s side representing North Korea, and the new US vassals representing the south.