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Another False-Flag Staged Terror Event in Manchester


Originally I was undecided on this event. Usually I wait a few days and see what kind of information the internet digs up and then I decipher though the theories and try to determine if an event was organic (a real terror event) or synthetic (a manufactured terrorist event), and well it seems that the Manchester theater bombing was another Gladio-B inspired staged event. If you are following my work then you should already be familiar with false flag terror events, what they are and how they are used. In this essay I will show what material lead me to believe that is was a false flag event and also try to look into the most likely culprits and establish what their potential motives may have been.

The first piece of information I thought was suspect, and due to my experience in dealing with false-flag events, myself and other researchers found it immediately suspicious that the UK/Manchester authorities ran a drill in the same location almost mimicking the recent event exactly, just one year prior, in the comment section you will find awake people months ago saying prepare for a false-flag in this location. As it is a well documented phenomenon that government sponsored drills happen before or during active terrorist events. This was seen on 9/11/2001, 7/7, Sandy Hook, Boston, and many other drills that were preparing for or presented as an organic event.

What if they did this same thing ran this same drill at the exact moment a concert of 20,000 people let out ? How many people would be injured in the chaos ? 120-150 people would be trampled, pushed, trip fall, slip, crash, not surprising this is exactly what we see in the so called Manchester terror attack. 

Here is an eye witness tweet that may help to confirm this suspicion.

Like by the time they were coming out of the building the police were already there waiting for them. According to eye witness Isabel Hodgins by the time she made it the exits of the venue, police had already arrived were assembling their guns, and had a section coordinated off.

The hospital also ran a drill, simulating the exact scenario of events one month prior to the actual event.

There was also a tweet just after the event from the Manchester police saying that there would be a secondary planned explosion in the area. This in my opinion is to insure that the surrounding area ‘heard an explosion’ and thus would connect the planned ‘very loud explosion used to blow up a shirt, to the false-flag event.

The second thing that started to make this look like a false-flag event is the controlled narrative. A theater full of teenagers and the amount of footage that we have of the actual event is minuscule to say the least, in the era of one button live steaming this is no longer acceptable. On top of the lack of peer 2 peer video footage, there is also, (as normal in false-flag events) a complete lack of crime scene footage and publicly available evidence, like none actually.

“There were people covered in blood.” said witness Adam McKay

So where is the gore ? I’m a big boy we dissected a frog in biology, I have access to LiveLeak, I promise I can take seeing some blown off limbs and twisted bodies, but once again nothing, not one photo or piece of footage that would even violate Facebook’s terms, again this is unacceptable for an event where you want me to believe that a IED full of shrapnel exploded in a crowd of people, the lack of blood and guts seen compared to the eyewitness accounts is laughable.

Which brings me into my third line of reasoning Crisis Actors. These people are unbelievably horrible actors, I’m not going to overwhelm you with theory and conjecture, take the time for yourself to watch the main stream media interviews after these’s events. To the discerning listener you will begin to tell that the innocent spectators caught up in the drill are being used, along with actors who are there to deliver the predetermined narrative and deliver the establishment talking points.

Those eyebrows look familiar ?

Thomas Burrows for Daily Mail Online and Lucy Mae Beers For Daily Mail Australia both published an article (since been retracted) that included a picture of a young girl who they said was missing from the concert after the event. However a mother in Australia woke up to hundreds of messages of concern because her daughter’s photo was plastered all over Twitter as a victim of the Manchester terror attack. The only problem? Rachel Devine’s daughter Gemma was in Melbourne. 

The 12-year-old was safe in Australia, the Daily mail had “mistakenly” used Gemma’s photo, claiming the girl was lost in the panic following the blast at the Ariana Grande concert. Her mother Rachel, is a blogger and photographer, used social media to correct the misinformation.

Another photo of a girl murdered in 2013 was also circulated by the media in a fake list of those missing after the Manchester explosion. The mother of Jayden Parkinson said she was unhappy her daughter’s image had been posted alongside images of other people alleged to be missing. Jayden, 17, was killed by her ex-boyfriend in Oxfordshire. “I’m indeed alive” tweeted YouTube food reviewer John, who’s photo was also shared among the missing or dead. Andrea Noel’s picture even made it on Fox & Friends who aired a tweet by @TitanBuilder1 that had been retweeted over 1,000 times, containing reportedly missing children and people un-involved such as Andrea and John.

As more comes out time will confirm that this event was most likely a staged operation involving multiple clandestine structures including MI6, Mossad, and the Theresa Mary May administration who I’m pointing my finger at as being a key agent behind this event as her administration along with the international Zionist cabal have the most to gain from perpetuating the fear of radial Islamist in Britain.  “The Manchester bombing was a horrible tragedy for Britain, it was a political boon, however, for Prime Minister Theresa May.” Said The New York Times today in an article entitled Manchester Bombing Shifts Political Narrative as U.K. Election Looms. With the election coming in just a few weeks this event is exactly what was needed to boost May’s chance of re-election over main opponent Jeremy Corbyn. Or as Tim Bale, a professor of politics at Queen Mary University of London. said “It’s almost bound to play to the strengths of an incumbent prime minister, especially one responsible, in her previous job, for security.” Very telling isn’t it.


Firefighters angry they were ‘STOPPED’ from helping bomb victims at Manchester Arena ‘until 90 MINUTES after attack’.

No crews arrived on the scene until 90 minutes after the 10.33pm attack. In the hour and a half that they were waiting, they said all they could do was watch what was happening on TV and social media. 

More will surly come in confirming this hypothesis for those willing to wake up from the elite mind control that they are under.

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  1. There was also a report from an interviewee who said they were trying to leave but were stopped for seemingly no reason by security just before the bomb went off behind them (the direction they were heading).

    If I find it I will return, but you must archive all articles.

  2. That’s the first interview I heard too. Mum& daughter left before the others but were met by a line of security blocking foyer access and telling them that the other way out would be better for them to take. Why didn’t security want them to leave via the normal exit?

  3. The drill a year ago didn’t take place at the same location however, it was at The Trafford Centre, a shopping mall out of town. Im from Manchester. After the first few interviews I listened to from people there I knew this was a false flag.