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Trumps Middle East visit, Something Saruman Would Be Proud Of.


Trump’s Middle east visit has had all the signs one who is “awake” has become accustom to, Trump is currently on a foreign tour that started in Saudi Arabia, over to Occupied Palestine/”israel” and eventually up to a meeting with NATO heads in the globalist capital of Brussels. Trump started off in Saudi Arabia, a nation currently funding “jihadis” in coordination with the western intelligence apparatus in Syria and Iraq, has continued a myriad of human rights abuses, the continued beheading of prisoners in public sites; over 150 reported beheadings last years in the nation, the bombing of Yemen, oh and according to Trump “SA” did 911, are the recipients of a multi 100 billion dollar deal that would see the sale of heavily sophisticated death technology all thanks to Trump and his administration.


One clearly cannot argue the narrative any more, when it comes down to it, money moves mountains, the left right paradigm never was, there is no separation at the top, who ever gains power, they are always compromised and therefore useless in any operation that would bring an end to all this madness.


The Photos and videos of Trump dancing with Saudis, Tillerson, Kushner, Bannon, Trump even being given a sword at one point was just to much for any serious mind to handle. Trump would also continue on to Palestine/”israel”, where the situation has not changed, in fact 1600 Palestinian prisoners are on a 30+ day hunger strike, and the killing of Palestinian youth is a daily occurrence. A while back when Netanyahu visited Trump in DC, Trump asked Netanyahu to stop all settlement activity, something that has not happened, in fact it has only gotten worse, and there have been no statements or policies enacted by the US president to stop this activity, truly complicit in “israels” systematic genocide. Trump will continue his trip to Brussels where he is to meet with NATO heads, Trump ran a campaign extremely critical of NATO, yet once in power his conviction has grown dry and he has now essentially gone back on many of his most important positions. One is reminded to never trust a Zionist, especially one as slippery as Trump, coming back to the narrative, that Trump, indeed is the swamp…





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