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Canadian Foreign Minister pledges, “Shoulder to Shoulder support for Israel” a nation currently practicing an Apartheid state


Canadian Foreign affairs minister Chrystia Freeland has once again shown Canadians just how deep the Zion Mafia operates in Canada, the Canadian Minister spoke at this years World Jewish Congress in New York, where she unequivocally gave “israel” Canada’s full support, as a apart of “Canada’s middle east policy”, and according to her, “the fight against ISIS”. In a nation such as Canada where we saw Arthur Tophams site, RadicalPress.com and Arthur him self, end up totally silenced, Arthur was a long time Activist and in many forms was the complete truther, we can have disagreements on certain issues but Arthur truly was Canada’s most prominent defender against the Jewish/Zionist Mafia, which has Hijacked Canada like it has so many others, the spoils of war, the truth, history, is truly written by the victor.

The rhetoric is clear and the signs are bright, the crusaders are on and the destruction of the entire Levant is what people like the Canadian Foreign affairs Minister, have signed Canadians on for; a woman who has never set foot in battle, has never been shot at, vows support to a nation setting siege to 2 million innocent souls in Gaza, kills children almost daily in the West Bank, continues settlement building… Even Trumps Son in Law, Jared Kusher a heavy financier of illegal “jewish only” settlements on Palestinian land (UN Reslutions 2334), even after all this the Canadian Govt decides to support the rouge state of “israel”. As one who traveled extensively on this planet, being known as a Canadian was a cherished thing, something that kept Canadians safe (for the most part), yet are govt has decided to support “israel” in its fight to end “extremism” in the region, when that extremism is the very result of western meddling and is being directly funded by “israel” itself. The Minister had this to say:

Via the Huffington Post

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Freeland also cited Canada’s participation in the anti-ISIL multinational naval mission known as Command Task Force 150 as part of Canada’s contribution to Israel’s security.

“Programs like these contribute to Israel’s safety and security and that is a core Canadian international objective.”

“When Canada works to counter extremism and terrorism, particularly in the Middle East, Israel is always a natural partner and a close ally.”


We have seen the rise of the fake “Alt Right” Media, its roots deeply embedded in Hasbara funding and programming, there are only a few truly “golden” truthers left, many used the veil of the “alt” to push their own bogus ethnocentric “Manifest Destiny” agendas; Alex Jones, Paul Joseph Watson, Rebel Media, Ezra Levant. People who are incapable of honestly reporting whats for lunch, let a lone something as sensitive as this, yet still these voices are prevalent because of Zionist/Jewish funding, especially within Canada. I have been pretty consistent in my message and have stuck through it, with an incredible amount of pressure to accept the forming psy op, the false messiah you might say. Those that called themselves experts were most sucked in to it by their hate of the Globalist “left” and the criminal family of the Clinton’s, they’re scum I get it, but I could not accept a man who continued torture. The Foreign affairs minister went on to say:

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OTTAWA — Ensuring the security of Israel is a core component of Canada’s Middle East strategy, including the fight against the militants of the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant, says Foreign Affairs Minister Chrystia Freeland.

Part of that strategy, Freeland said Monday, is shoring up Lebanon and Jordan — countries facing a massive influx of refugees from Syria displaced by fighting between various factions in that country’s long civil war.

“In our Middle East strategy, we are also making meaningful contributions to stabilize Lebanon and Jordan not least by welcoming more than 40,000 Syrian refugees to Canada,” Freeland told a major meeting of the World Jewish Congress in New York.


For those that have been following this giant pre-planned proxy war in the Middle east, the answers are a lot clearer, the western intelligence apparatus was working in Syria long before 2011 (Arab spring) and had openly talked about regime change as Syria sought to gain back the Golan Heights, Syria being a major supporter of Hezbollah, Hamas and the Palestinian resistance. “israel” is actively supporting Jihadis in Syria and that support has been seen across the region, but in a recent report by Russia Today we see that “israels” ties to ISIS and Al CIAda, have always been there, since the CIA setup the Mujihadeen in Pakistan.

Via Russia Today

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Speaking about the wider Israeli policy of “neutrality” in Syria, former defense minister Moshe Ya’alon accidentally acknowledged that Israel has an open communications channel with an Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS/ISIL) cell which operates in Gollan Heights.

“There was one case recently where Daesh opened fire and apologized,” Ya’alon said on Saturday, as cited by the Times of Israel.


We have also covered much of the stories that include the FSA liaison to “israel”, a man who once attacked protesting Palestinians during an “israeli” intelligence conference he directly attended, where he actually claimed that Palestinians live an easy life and to “shut up”. We have also seen stories of “israeli” Druze, a small ethnic group, who actually attacked an IOF ambulance carrying injured Jihadi’s/rebels/mercenaries and reportedly killing two of them. Also, probably one of the most glaring contradictions, has to be the fact that during the last “israeli” aggression in 2014, where we saw 2500 Palestinian dead, many of them children; there is the report of the “Jabalia Elementary Girls School”, that was acting as a shelter for thousands of innocent Palestinians in Gaza. The UN made 17 phone calls to IOF shelling the besieged population, yet “israel” still shelled the School, killing 15 innocent souls.

So even after all these events, and in all honesty I can go on and on about more glaring contradictions, for what is truly the “greater israel project” seen in full view, operating all over the Middle east, and as we have seen, much of the west. In the end as Canadians we need to steer our nation away from the mistakes of the past, a past that seems only to repeat, almost as if the current population had the collective memory span of Goldfish. If we continue down this path a few key things must be understood, the Canadian military and its intelligence are gathering “intel” that was originally sourced via “Black site Rendition facilities” all over the globe where, torture, murder continues, Guantanamo bay is still open and being used. I ask Canadians to seriously address these questions that are facing us, that we demand a change from our govt’s, and if they don’t respond, to find a truly new way, one that circumnavigates the old, static, boring, low vibrating narrative. Emancipate yourselves.

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