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A Good Day To Say I’m Sorry !


This year’s Memorial Day is not the day to honor the military, or to celebrate fallen soldiers of the American Empire, and recognize their  sacrifice to our freedom & nationalism.

No not this time: This time we say we’re sorry, we are sorry for not protecting, sorry for not preventing the mental and physical deaths of our very own children, sorry for allowing our sons and daughters to be manipulated by corporate interest, manipulated by status quo’  into taking the lives of countless innocent women and children, lives of those who never threatened American freedoms, or stood in the way of her liberty.

This Memorial day, for the first time since May  of 1868, we will not honor the lost marines, seals, and airmen, this time we will instead take a deep breath, reflect, and pray that the millions and millions of  peaceful+ sovereign human beings who have suffered pain, loss, and anguish from the western NATO alliance’s orchestrated “war on terrorism”.

We have a lot of pain and human loss to answer for.

We often had well-considered reasons before sending them to die. We were forestalling tyrants, saving the innocent, or securing peace against nations who would imprison the world if we didn’t stop them.

There is no doubt that America is a powerful nation. However with great power comes great responsibility.

Being powerful has obligations, especially in the behalf of those who are powerless.

Although it seems on more occasions than we’d care to admit, we have spent their lives carelessly, because finding a better solution than war was just too much work.

Sending camouflaged young people to kill other human beings on their own sovereign lands, simply because they have a different ideology, or a business, resource or a leader that could potentially disturb Americas corporate interest, and foreign policy agreements, is sick, unsustainable, and self- destructive. war is garbage

Civilization is seldom if ever wise enough to prevent war, that is before the war becomes inevitable and perhaps at times even a necessity. We back ourselves into corners, and convince the public that fighting our way out is the only option. This myopic perception of preventive aggression that penetrates deep into the American conscience and has persisted habitually as a means to justify our preemptive strikes, and murder of innocent people around the world.

We claim to be the “home of the free” but We don’t even allow the kids who will die in war the option of saying no to the risk.

So as conscientious objectors we stand in the shadow of another Memorial Day, however this time we are not under the shade tree in the middle of Arlington cemetery among a sea of white crosses, this time we are on the front steps of the capitol building taking a stand against the senseless brutality of  American  empire, today we are activist apologizing on behalf of the those who refuse to take action.

Because we are students of history, we are not mislead by media, we know that Memorial Day was not always this a la cart’ soap opera, horror filled tragedy of danger and heroism.

Decoration Day, the day which eventually would become Memorial Day, was invented to honor the 360,000 Union soldiers who died in the Civil War, but not the 260,000 Confederate soldiers who perished. This generation had to revisit history again in the 21st century to discover and commemorate the African American  soldiers who fought and died for their freedom. 

The so called “War On Terror” only Created More Terror. 

The irony of the year 2016 is that statistically we now live in history’s most peaceful era, although seldom now do we feel safe.

Americans  feel like they are at war more now than ever. Today Terrorism is Theater, Stock Prices rise, Manufactured Reality TV,  with Crisis Actors,  Disaster Drills monthly in every Town from Maine to Main Street, & the Zionist mainstream media perpetuates the idea that Religious and Racist Radicals will show up ready to blow up your neighborhood at any moment.

The reality is that feeling unsafe is not the same as being less safe. Every historian who studies such issues will confirm that humans in general and Americans specifically have never faced less a chance of dying in war than we do now.

Although the western NATO alliance’s relentless and destructive Middle Eastern proxy war for supremacy rages on in Iraq and Syria, statistically armed military warfare is diminishing, partly because the Zionist run United States of America has selectively and systematically orchestrated regime changes and over-throws of three quarters of the sovereign nations on earth.

Today’s exception in the Digital Information or cyber war in which last year the U.S. government was hit with 77,183 cyber attacks.

Iraq deaths
US casualties of the Iraq war by year.

The Iraq War, and George W. Bush’s weapons of mass destruction deception, led to a long series of congressional bad decisions that would cost 4497 American lives  according to statista.com. Estimates of the total number of deaths in any War will vary widely depending upon factors such as the time period, the location and availability the data Most importantly is the states forced cohesion apparatus, the body of government that specializes in the manipulation of demographic and statistical information.

A detailed demographic study done in 1996 calculated between 791,000–1,141,000 war-related deaths in Vietnam, both soldiers and civilians, from 1965 to 1975. The study came up with a most likely Vietnamese death toll of 882,000 people 143,000 women, and 84,000 of then were children. Disputed UN figures show over that 4.5 million not military citizens have been killed in the middle east since 2003  but who’s counting anyway ? and now that war has devolved into “black ops” proxy armies like the Islamic State, combined with covert actions carried out by Navy Seals, predator drones, and smart bombs insure there is no accurate way of calculating the true number of civilian casualties in today age.  Again I’m Sorry,  to the families of the 20-30 million people who have been killed by the United states War machine since Sept. 2, 1945. To put these numbers in perspective US World War II Casualties {Military and Civilian} is only 73,637


If you are a 10-year-old villager in Pakistan’s back country, you are statistically more likely to be killed by in war than a U.S. Marine is. 

For a self-described peace-loving nation built on liberty, we sure kill a lot of f***ing  people. The total of our own soldiers who died passed 1.5 million last spring although the pace has slowed to a trickle.

We may have killed 10 million enemies deliberately in our wars and tens of millions more by “accident”, I’m sorry because I know in my heart that none of them actually deserved to die.

Maybe a couple dozen had it coming, but who’s counting anyways?

Are we really this comforted by our protectors ? Are we so helplessly trapped in our own blind nationalism,  so starved of patriotism,  that we can be so easily programmed by the media and military industrial complex, are we forced by man or nature to live vicariously through the misguided courage of those who we send to fight? When did we decide to replace honor, fairness, and integrity with  brutal force and full spectrum dominance?  We salute and decorate those who show the least compassion for humanity, we reward the lest objective with tokens, ribbons, and medals of honor, while we ridicule the protesters and let our veterans starve on the street with no medial care or social security.

So once again I am sorry, this time to the spirits of conscientious objectors that never had the chance to exist because because their great grand parents were members of the 20,000 civilians that died in colonies during the Revolutionary War. And I apologize to Parents of murdered and traumatized children around the world for the actions of my country because America Has Been At War for 93% of its existence and rising, that is 222 Out of 239 Years – Since 1776. 

All wars — Even wars for freedom and democracy — are tacit admissions of civilization failure at some level.

Mahatma Gandhi said to ‘Be the change that you wish to see in the world.’ so forth my Memorial Day will now be not only a day of remembrance, but a regretful acknowledgment of a systematic and systemic cultural failure that is western civilizations passive acceptance of military and diplomatic actions that are directly opposed to US citizen’s interests and are irreconcilable with the constitutional secured natural liberties from which this nation was founded.

I would like to take this final moment to say that we’re sorry for not preventing the deaths of our own children.

Today I am asking the people of the world for their forgiveness, and saying I am sorry to the future generations of earth refugees who will suffer the ramifications of this era’s apathy and malevolence, please forgive us for not being better parents for the future,  you deserved better from us, and If you are here now and not sorry yet, just wait, before long you will be.

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  1. I happened upon this site as I do many. I understand you are attempting to gain readers and you make statements to the effect that this is “Americas most honest news company”.

    Now I understand that this is more so opinion than fact. Knowing that I took this article with a grain of salt, after all the headline was meant to ‘stir the pot’. The only comment I have toward the topic is that this is surprisingly more disrespectful than Obama apologizing for Hiroshima and Nagasaki. It’s quite insulting as an American to read this article so this will be he only article I will read from this site. Sadly I decided to skim through the second half knowing I will be skipping over fact just to avoid dribble.

    As for facts, which is the reason I came to the decision of leaving this comment. Due to my skimming through a good part of this I was unable to determine many stated facts, in fact the only stated fact I came across that I can confirm is incorrect at the moment is your fact about Memorial Day it’s self. Declaration day was not invented by the union and not meant to honor those fallen confederates is completely false and opinionated. The actual fact is that the south honored their own officially in 1866, it was known as declaration day and heroes day depending on the part of the country. Decoration day on the union side didn’t come about until 1868, they incorporated the already known and successful confederate decoration day as well in an effort to unify a torn nation. The made certain to honor all who have fallen on either side.

    It would be wise to check all of your facts before posting, although I will not be returning to this site I wish you the best of luck in your career, journalism is not easy nor does it pay well. It becomes harder posting controversial topics, especially those that wrongfully and directly disrespect courageous men and women who have fought and died for your right to own this site. Disrespecting there’s that fought in World War II is especially heinous in my opinion. You really should take a look at the book titled “man in the high castle”. Not that the plot was even feasible, but it shows the true nature of what this world could have become if not for the US entering the war. We very well could have lost many of our rights.

  2. Complains explicitly about things not being ‘factually correct’ because some confederate southern soldiers ‘possibly had called a day established to honor fallen civil war soldiers, that some called declaration day, ‘I’m not sure what they were declaring’? a full one and one-half years before the union army which won the civil war enacted a holiday to commemorate their lost. Now what is startling moronic about Kevins comment, and basically just exposes the fact that you’re a baby boomer era trade worker who cries at the end of saving private Ryan, and has a poster of Chris Kyle in your man cave under the deer head, what must truly one of propagandized blind nationalistic nonsense statements that I have ever heard in my life is -‘courageous men and women who have fought and died for your right to own this site’ [sic] Who ? and What in bloody hell are you talking about mate ? What does dropping nuclear bombs on Japan, and Shooting radioactive bullets into Iraqi hospitals, Assassinating Iranian presidents, have to do with me having the fucking internet ? Please any self-respecting intellectual and rational minded individual that reads this disregard and forgive my language, I get so angry with these right wing nincompoops, this person will never see this obviously, they are just some but-hurt redneck angry at the world because of their lack of knowledge of the world around them. Anyway Switzerland, Greenland, Bermuda, Dominica, Trinidad and Tobago, and Bhutan are just a few of the 11 countries on the planet earth who have never been in any war for freedom and democracy.. yet they all seem to have freedom & Democracy.. oh and the internet.

  3. We very well could have lost many of our rights… you mean you live in a world were we didn’t ? Where is this fictitious utopia of American Grandioso found exactly besides for in your diluted brain ?