The national assembly election count at the Sport Wales national center in Cardiff.

The people of the EU have voted, and right across Europe they have voted against immigration, against the Jewish Commissars who run the EU, demonstrating that they want their identity back, no more destruction of their way of life. A movement in country after country where they are turning to the right in politics, becoming more nationalistic, some turning to more extreme home grown nationalistic political entities, driven by self preservation of their culture by those who are just as extreme in destroying these European cultures that have been established for over a thousand years and more. We are now coming to that inevitable clash of interests, by those who rule, and those they rule over. Desperation is now forcing the indigenous people of Europe to defend their cultures, for whenever ‘any’ nation and its way of life are threatened with extinction, there is a reaction. That reaction has now begun in earnest. Just as we are seeing in the Middle East when breakdown of order takes over, all those differences in society come to the surface, and a country is torn apart by those different cultural, racial, and religious interests, what once was ‘tolerated’ is now an enemy. We see it time after time, in country after country. No country is immune. All it takes is a change in political, internal, or external matters, and another country falls into religious, racial, cultural. and political chaos. The Jews in France have been leaving in their thousands because of threats from the many Arab communities that live there. London is the same. Most of this is not reported in the main stream media, as the powers that be do

Hungarians re-elected Viktor Orban, who led the country out of crisis and resisted Brussels’ influence, as prime minister, early parliamentary election results showed. Meanwhile, the far-right Jobbik party gained substantial political power.

not want to see their multi-cultural empire disintegrating. We have the Serb and Kosovan communities fighting in their land, as do many others who have fled to Europe, all they have done is to bring their problems with them, transferring them from ‘their’ homeland to ‘ours’? Then we have those cultural differences that show their ugly head as those immigrants as they grow in number make ever greater demands for their way of life, virtually creating their old way of life in a town or city in which they are aliens, and in which they now dominate by numbers and influence. Forcing by stealth the indigenous people to move to other areas to find that security which has now been lost, and to regain it by moving to be among their own kind again.

Insisting that multiculturalism is destructive, cannot work, never has, never will, and all it leads to are ‘more’ problems, for all it does is to spread those problems into other countries, rather than dealing with those problems at source.

But the powers that be know that what they are doing through the instability and war, that they have instigated, will bring about a mass migration of peoples to create that multi-cultural Global society that they want. They have sown the seed into the wind, they are now reaping the what they have sowed. We see the waves of discontent growing ever higher, leading to a deluge of multi-cultural societies being drowned by their differences as society breaks down. No greater danger on this planet than that which is mankind, his track record is destructive indeed, so is his hostility to his fellow man, for that is what has dominated as history records, and that is what we see all around us in the world today. We must hang onto straws of ‘goodness’ when a world is in turmoil because of its differences, demonstrating a old pattern of human hostile behavior written by the bloodline of billionaires.


The EU are responsible for a HOLOCAUST taking place against the indigenous people’s of Europe and the middle east – by the MILLIONS are the crimes of the ‘establishment’ – they are already condemned – no trial needed – the people have every right to drag them out of their Cathedrals of power and hang them ALL from the very buildings they have committed their crimes from. From central government – to local government – to the media – the police – ALL that are the ESTABLISHMENT are GUILTY of great crimes. This should be broadcast everywhere – for it is TRUE.


Money makes the world go around, says the song, Money is the root of all evil, say others. Many have committed murder for it, prostituted themselves for it, others have perverted justice for it. People have falsified the truth and betrayed others for it. (Judas). We are now at the peak of human greed where they are sacrificing a world for it. The more money that a man or men accumulate makes them more destructive in the power that such wealth brings them. Like a narcotic, it gives them a high, taking them into the “God-zone” as they look down from their lofty golden throne at the teeming masses from whence they came. What they do not realize is that they need a constant supply of money to keep them there, and those teeming masses are the foundation of that supply. The foundation is crumbling by the sheer weight of the money mountain, for all the money is at the top, and the shallow hollowed out foundation created by the greed of those above is about to crumble into millions of human pieces of desperate angry people seeking retribution. The angry masses will not have to look far for their once greedy masters, as they will come crashing down at the feet of those they robbed.

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