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Waters: It is dangerous for US and Canada to criminalize a nonviolent form of protest against a foreign regime, BDS





Roger Waters went to Montreal four days ago and was interviewed on Radio Canada. Brave and lucid and compassionate, as always. From the BDS campaign in Montreal, on Facebook:

“I’ve seen firsthand the predicament of the Palestinian people. They need the support of anybody who cares about justice or love in the world to support their cause… because in the occupied territories, if we’re allowed to call them that, they don’t have any rights at all. They live under martial law, and none of them have any rights at all. Which is unconscionable.
And so BDS is a perfectly legitimate nonviolent form of protest that people who feel the same as I do. Not everybody has to, and obviously not everybody does — can use
What is dangerous is that people who think it should be made illegal to protest peacefully against the policies of some foreign regime of which you disapprove.
They’re trying to make it illegal, not just here in Canada and the United States, but in the EU as well. That I find very, very, very unsettling and disturbing. I find it very disturbing to think that an ordinary human rights organization of which I am part can be turned into an illegal organization, and I can be incarcerated for my part in it. There is something odd, strange and upsetting and wrong about that. And it’s happening.
I… look at the predicament of both those people, because I love them both. This is not a one-sided affair. I am just as concerned for Israeli children as I am for Palestinian children. In order to look at it, we need the media… In the United States, the mainstream media do not report the story with an even hand. Because people need to wake up to the fact that they are not being told the truth. That our media are by and large controlled, and it’s controlled in a very specific way.

You cannot have a democracy without an informed electorate.”

Video below or at the link.



#RogerWaters #Palestine #BDSRoger Waters parle de son engagement dans BDS, de la criminalisation du mouvement, du traitement médiatique….Regardez, partagez, rejoignez le mouvement BDS!

Posted by Campagne BDS France – Boycott Désinvestissement Sanctions contre Israël on Tuesday, March 8, 2016



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