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Is the FBI and other Intelligence agencies around the world actively attempting to entrap


Are the FBI and other Intelligence agencies around the world actively attempting to entrap and fool young men into falling for the “compartmentalized Jihadist” narrative sold to us by  Zionist world Order, and their parallel clandestine structures? Without getting too personal, those of us who do research often end up using social media for that research, and watch certain trends, find that many of these trends are simply manufactured manipulation. What we see is that these compartmentalized so called “Jihadists” organizations are allowed work openly across the entire spectrum of social media, and many of these pages seem to just continue on without any trouble or interference.

13084293_10156816697960162_1860451906_nWhy are these pages not being censored, I mean if they promote the narrative of our so called “enemy”? Well many will claim that it is impossible for the international intelligence community to follow everyone everywhere, all the time. We at TheTruther.us have written many times in the past about parallel clandestine terrorist structures, like project Gladio, “short sword” these operations cannot have the access they needed without someone on  the inside, essentially leaving the door unlocked. The authorities policy of catch and release is what led to the recent ‘bombing in Brussels, and like many of the so called attacks on the west, we knew almost immediately exactly who was allegedly attacking us. Many of these men are recruited in many different ways, but what I have personally seen is whole pages dedicated to ISIS and other “al’CIA’da” linked “Jihadists” but what comes to my eye, when I look at these pages, is that the English translations are always perfect, while many translations on sites like LiveLeak are very poor, these pages on Facebook and Twitter are in perfect western style English. What can one gather from all this, you might ask? Well it shows a concentrated effort to appeal to and be read by those in the west, those who only speak English.

In a recent article by RT they describe events that are very common online, the manipulation of young man, by those looking for a particular outcome. It would be easy to say that I have been attacked in a similar way, but I have seen many private accounts and whole pages with up to date battle info and tactics be propagated in perfect English, to an English-speaking crowd, it strives to appeal to young confused men in the west. Up until the rise of Americas “moderate Rebels” aks “ISIS” & “AlCIAda” in Syria the west had allowed thousands to leave, to join the fight against the Syrian regime, many of which have since attempted to come “home”.

302px-Russia-today-logo.svgFBI informants acted as ‘honeypots’ to trap a 21-year-old man, posing as love interests to glean information, audio obtained by the Intercept reveals. One woman lured him into making a false claim that he’d tried to go to Syria to fight with Islamic State:
The target of the FBI’s operation was Khalil Abu Rayyan, a Michigan resident. When he met an undercover informant by the name of ‘Ghaada’ online, he quickly became enamored with her. A relationship began, and the two even talked about marriage, children and the future.

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But the online relationship ended when Ghaada called it off. Rayyan was heartbroken, but the FBI soon sent another woman, known as ‘Jannah Bride,’ to heal his wounds.

Rayyan opened up to Jannah Bride, even disclosing that he had thought about suicide. He claimed to have bought a rope which he could use to hang himself.

“I bought a rope this morning…it’s not that hard,” he said in the 14-minute audio footage obtained by the Intercept. “In only a minute or two, it would be over.”

Seeing an open opportunity to prey on Rayyan’s vulnerable state, Jannah Bride decided to steer the conversation in the direction of hurting other people.

“Which thought is greater to you right now – hurting yourself or somebody else?” the FBI informant asked.

But despite the FBI’s intentions, Rayyan’s response proved no violent thoughts towards others.

“Well, I mean, I would not like to hurt somebody else…but at the same time, if I did it to myself, it’d be easier. I wouldn’t get in trouble,” he said.

In another attempt to try to trap Rayyan into admitting he was violent, Jannah Bride appeared to take a deep interest in jihad.

To impress her, Rayyan said he had an AK-47, claiming it was purchased for a plan to “shoot up a church,” which was later foiled. He also claimed to have attempted to travel to Syria. However, both stories appeared to be false. He didn’t own the assault weapon, and there is no evidence that he ever bought a ticket to war-torn Syria.

Canadian ISIS member and western recruiter, fighter, found dead.

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But the claims were enough to prompt the US government to search Rayyan’s home and business a couple of months later. And although they couldn’t find the apparently fictional AK-47, they managed to charge him with unlawful possession of a handgun, which his lawyer says was obtained for self-defense reasons while delivering pizzas in Detroit.

And despite there being no record of a purchased ticket to Syria (or anywhere nearby), the US government now alleges that Rayyan is an Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS/ISIL) sympathizer, the Intercept reported.

What’s more is that the FBI is aiming to keep details of the exchanges with Rayyan completely private. However, Rayyan’s lawyers have asked the court to force the government to turn over all communications between their client and the FBI informants.

According to a filing by the defense, the government has proposed a “limited protective order” that “would have kept sealed anything that even summarized material the government deemed sensitive.” Unsurprisingly, the defense has refused to accept the proposal.

In a motion filed April 15, Rayyan’s lawyers wrote: “The government clearly exploited Rayyan, and blatantly attempted to steer him toward terrorism as an acceptable form of suicide before God.”

The FBI uses more than 15,000 informants in counter-terrorism investigations, according to the Intercept. Recent investigations have focused on alleged IS sympathizers.”

Credits RT News



13059522_10156816707715162_436178477_nWe are so deep in blood now, that we don’t know which end is up, and when I say we, I mean the collective order, but this never seems to be brought up by the main stream media and its apologists. But since the rise of Parallel clandestine attacks in Europe and those in the US, what we have seen by the International “intelligence” community, FBI and others is an effort to ensnare would be “compartmentalized Jihaidist” and I use this term specifically because these groups have their base in deep clandestine Parallel structures, in an effort to continue the false paradigm which the Order has been pushing for a very long time, but it also has other affects on the community which are unseen. They create a state of fear, one which can be mobilized when the Order presses, it keeps the people separated all in their own little groups, it Balkanizes the community. In the end its the same old story spit by the same old static enemy, further, its something that all of us should be aware of and vigilant of.

All of this stems from 911 and with the original 911 narrative literally unraveling in front of our collective eyes, the state of affairs is becoming ever more dire. Their are elements that are currently looking to subvert any real truth from ever slipping out, by only taking notice of the recent “28 page report” linking Saudi Arabia to the 911 attacks.


“Recently the mainstream media has been plastered with headlines, exposing “often in a single heading”, how Saudi Arabia was instrumental in implementing the attacks on 9/11, and how it had been “classified” originally only because of Saudi backmail. Painting the picture that the true culprits of that memorable day were the “House of Saud“, and not Saddam Hussein in Iraq, Muammar al-Gaddafi in Libya, or Osama Bin Laden, and the CIA backed Tali ban jihadist fighters hiding in the mountains of Afghanistan, no it was the Saudi-Arabian royals, and the real reason they covered it all up was because of “financial pressure” from the Gulf state. This Seems all to convenient of a narrative.”

In another move the US govt moved to allow families of those killed in attacks to sue foreign nations, yet American Soldiers have almost total immunity for their crimes, ie, Abu Ghraib. Recently government insider, Steve Pecezniac was on the Infowars show where he forced Alex Jones, who has continued to spit the Zionist Narrative, that “israel” was the chief operator on 911 and not Saudi Arabia. Considering “israels” capabilities, a group who is currently running field hospitals for “Compartmentalized Jihadists” in Syria, not only that, but “israel” has historically shown its ability to infiltrate supposed “islamic” Jihadists groups and pose as “muslims” to attack the west. All of this continues the great wars that have been written about at length, these wars were pre- planned before 911 and it sets the stage for those who have yet to jump down the rabbit hole, and believe me, even the Pop Icon Prince knew about. 


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