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“israel” continues its own demented form of “Manifest Destiny”: The “Last” Colonial project


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13020250_10156791684440162_1539369450_n“israel” has confirmed once again the warning signs of the Yinon plan “greater israel” project, much like the colonial empires of the past, “israel” is still looking to physically expand its borders. This isn’t new, its actually been in the process for decades and it has been a slow, methodical colonial approach. Start by claiming a religious and historical relationship from the past to the land, claim the other side oppresses minorities and that they need to be “freed”. We have seen this type of manipulation for years, much on the ground in Occupied Palestine, which has had to face the brunt of a narrative that only benefits “israel” and facilitates Geopolitical hegemony throughout “eurasia” and the world. But what is usually lost in all this, is “israels” continued impunity against its neighbors. Who it illegitimately started a pre-emptive attack in 67, and at the same time, the IDF Air-force used the only unmarked aircraft in the “israeli” Air-force to attack the USS Liberty, killing over 30 US seamen.


Rhodes.AfricaWell it has been business as usual for “israel” Netanyahu again claiming the usual hasbara prepared manipulation, but instead of Palestine, Netanyahu has his sights set on the Syrian Golan Heights. A very well known fact is “israels” expansionism, as “israel” looks to continue its demented form of “manifest destiny” not much different than colonial projects in the past. Looking back at General Wesley’s Clarks revelations about the US govt’s plan to flip 7 nations in 5 years, this isn’t the authors formulated conclusion, no, understanding the narrative is much more complex, but it is rooted in fact. Further, emails of Hillary Clintons show the incredible manipulation that was seen all over the middle east and North Africa, those emails prove the west was continuing the same narrative and the same mistakes that it has always made, Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan, over and over again.



13059674_10156791722810162_1661441827_nGaddafi spoke about a conspiracy to mobilize the Arabs against the Persians, Sunni vs Shia, but that it would only benefit the colonial occupiers. Say what you want about the murdered POW leader of Libya, he gave some very prophetic speeches before his demise. One reason behind this, was Gaddafi had tried to appease the west after 911, even giving up Libyas chemical warfare technology, that was sold to Libya by Europe. He also allowed the West to operate Black site rendition prisons inside libya, many of these prisons with AlCIAda and other western “compartmentalized Jihadists” were some of the first places to be attacked. Seeing many of these people allowed to join NATO forces, but further, were allowed to goto Syria after the fall of Gaddafi’s Libya.




brzezinski-grand-chessboardWe now know for a fact, many of these “compartmentalized jihadists” would be the basis of the American “rebel” training process in Syria, making the foundation for groups like “ISIS” and Al Nursra. Dont kid yourselves, the West is neck deep in blood, but Netanyahu continues to bomb his neighbors, attack Palestinians children, steal land. Yet we are left with no form of recourse, and when people are finally fed up, when they can no longer take oppression, they will find other means to change the structure. Netanyahu has made sure to set up field hospitals and running bombing campaigns for “compartmentalized Jihadist” in syria. There are now multiple articles by “israeli” media showing just how involved the IDF is, in the internal domestic situation of its neighbors. Last year there was even a story of “israeli” Druze attacking an IDF ambulance carrying “syrian Compartmentalized Jihadists” and killing them.

GrahamMuch of this will be missed in all of this, recently there has been much to do about a classified report, which apparently has information incriminating the Saudi regime in 911, and when we look back at all the lies that were told, we begin to see just how large “israels” involvement in 911 goes. We have seen the total manipulation of Eurasia, because of its geopolitical importance to controlling the world’s resources, all of which would have been impossible, if it wasn’t for a “new pearl harbor” 911. “israel” will continue to attack its neighbors to expand its territory, it will continue the “greater israel project” until more of us start to wake up. It goes beyond the limited narrative that is spit by media like “infowars” and others, remember anytime there is a threat of real grassroots change, we see subversion in all its forms, and with technology, the forms almost become endless.

maxresdefaultbuilderburg memeThe world Order has to been one of the worst “empires” man has ever had, it does not look to incorporate, it only looks to destabilize and destroy, it does not create dialogue, it does not create a form of recourse that allows people to change, both the Physical and Psychological structures and walls that continue to deny us the truth.[space height=”HEIGHT”]

Vigilance in the face of oppression, for its not the ones who leave us now that matter, but the ones who stand with us on that fateful day when humanity finally realizes its potential.

The possibility of being guilty of being naive, is true, but we are endowed with the ability to see contradiction, the ability to Observe what “is” something that is always changing, never still, never static, fleeting and the trouble is that once it is organized, we see the same corruption appear, it will take an inward Transformation but is Humanity ready for this? We have all been duped…