Home History Breaking 2016 Bilderberg Meeting location announced.

Breaking 2016 Bilderberg Meeting location announced.


Breaking news: The official location for this years infamous annual Bilderberg group meeting was just announced. 


According to the German daily newspaper  Die Tageszeitung , translated as “The daily newspaper”, though often displayed as die tageszeitung,  and most commonly referred to simply as the Taz. The location was leaked Originally by the Taz, but then was officially announced on the Bilderberg’s own website not long after. The breaking news is that this year’s Bilderberg conference will take place in Dresden Germany. This was confirmed by a spokesperson for the Ministry of the Interior at request from the taz, looking to confirm the story. The Bilderberger’s will meet from 9 to 12 June in the capital of Saxony. The venue has been confirmed Participants will be staying at the Kempinski Taschenberg Palais hotel, in heart of the city’s center. The hotel is not far from the world famous Semper Opera House, and is considered by many to be the most luxurious hotel in the entire city.

[You can take a Virtual Tour of the Hotel Here]

The Bilderberg conference first met in 1954 at the Hotel “De Bilderberg” in Dutch Oosterbeek. The first meeting reportedly ending without a final declaration, that is to say, there are no surviving written documents, and the amount of discussions on the subject contributes usually little or nothing of value when trying to reach conclusive answers on the questions surrounding this illustrious group. Annual participants since,  are generally comprised of more than one-hundred leading political, business, and financial leaders from around the world.

Critics accuse the Bilderberg group of making important political and economic decisions without democratic process legitimacy, and not allowing the public any information pertaining to their conferences. More investigative critics will proclaim that the Bilderberg group is  an ultra-left wing, progressive, Zionist political faction, and member of a shadow government cabal, which meets in secret and conspires directly, that is engage in secret group communications to discuss  and plan, the means, motive, and opportunity from which they can undermine national sovereignty, and institute a New World Order of government built around a totalitarian justice system, and an economic theory of  globalization

Video: Luke Rudkowski of  wearechange.org breaks down the announcement of the Bilderberg 2016 location. and gives incite into the larger Geo-political ramifications of this this breaking news.

Each year between 100 to 160 high-ranking representatives from the world of politics, business and finance from all around Western Europe and secret society prefferedNorth America meet in secretive and changing locations. The official location, and list of participants are not ever announced only just shortly before the event starts. Unlike a state summit, Bilderberg meetings have no obligation to disclose private information, they have a private informal character. They report  no official decisions or resolutions. One of the few places where the journalistic free press is not admitted, According to the official site “The meeting is closed to reporting journalists in order to encourage the highest level of openness and dialogue“. However just because neither their specific protocols or their agendas are ever published, and the participants cannot talk about details of the events, due to the “Chatham House Rule” we citizen journalist, and Truth seekers have gained solid ground  in the last few years, as so many of the so called “conspiracy theories” surrounding the secret meetings of the Bilderberg’s, and nefarious plans of it’s members have been repetitively exposed and substantiated by alternative media.


It’s official! Bilderberg have announced that the meeting will be held in Dresden on their official website.

Each year over one-hundred, and fifty former heads of state, diplomats, business leaders, military, aristocrats, intellectuals and journalists gather every year at great police protection in an isolated and as long as possible undisclosed location. They meet to talk about the big issues of the world, without having to take the pressure publicly about their meeting accountability.

For decades, hardly anything was known about the group, people at the time had no way to know in 1954, that the conference existed at all. Only in recent years, thanks in a large part to the internet communications, and organizations like wearechange.org, InfoWars.com and others has any information  involving Bilderberg group come forward, recently there has been the lists of participants, and the key issues are at least partly known, and to be discussed. The so-called Chatham House Rule, however prohibits the participants from talking about who was present and if they said anything on any subject.

Great secrecy has always surrounded the Bilderberg group, participants often refuse to talk about their experiences, and there is always a massive security effort – the Bilderberger’s do anything to arouse as much suspicion. “those who have nothing to hide, should not hide eventually” – or so the simple conclusion goes. Bilderberg is the dream of every conspiracy theorist, the participants are of course depending on one’s perspective, could be the corporate and political elite, the global Zionist banking cartel, the Masonic Jesuit Illuminati, or for the select special few, the hybrid reptilian clones from deep under the flat earth, who only surface to give their commands at these annual (Annunaki) ritualistic “business meetings“.

It is of course easy to make fun of such wrong-headed theories , especially as there are next to the Bilderbergers, a whole series of other such meetings – the Munich Security Conference about the Trilateral Commission, the Council on Foreign Relations and the World Economic Forum in Davos ect.


The frustrations are justified however when you come to the inevitable conclusion of reality and discover for yourself  the obvious fact that democratically elected politicians do indeed meet behind closed doors with other people with social-economic power, like corporate CEOs, or central bankers with large mega investors. And even if it is not equal to some great under-world alien conspiracy, the actual wheeling and dealings of those who have power in politics and economics is eerily reminiscent of the underground hide outs of some of comic books most sinister bad guys, and secret meetings and secret oaths undermines democratic government and should not be encouraged. Especially with the exaggerated security arrangements for these meetings, which have no apparent value to society, and are to be paid by taxpayers’ money.

With Dresden as the official selected location of the Bilderberg conference, which sees itself as a “transatlantic community of values” for the very first time they are having a meeting in the area of ​​the former “Eastern Bloc”. The Conference notes the Free State of Saxony and the city of Dresden with immense police and logistical challenges. Organizers usually prefer secluded venues; 2015 the conference was held in Telfs-Buchen held in the Austrian Alps. For safety reasons and to protesters keep that conferences are consuming secured by the police.

Although Dresden is considered a politically polarized environment. The conference is expected that two opposing groups Pegida, and portions of the leftist political faction of the city, will have a common objective demonstration.



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