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Ahmed Dawabsheh meets Ronaldo and many other Real Madrid stars



12202484_10156634371650162_703541397_nAhmed Dawabsheh was able to have one of his dreams come true today, Ahmed was flown to Madrid Spain to meet with Christiano Ronaldo and the stars of the very popular Real Madrid Football squad. Ahmed’s family was killed in a “Price tag” attack committed by jewish terrorists/”settlers” on July of 2015, his home was fire bombed, his Father; Mother and brother all succumbed to their wounds leaving  Ahmed basically orphaned. Ahmed is still recovering from third degree burns he suffered, very painful both physically and psychologically. Although the physical scars may go away, Ahmed will never grow up knowing is father, Ahmeds father will never get to teach his son to shave, to drive a car, give him advice on relationships, like so many other Fathers in Occupied Palestine.

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“Ahmad supports Real Madrid and he always wants to wear Cristiano Ronaldo’s number 7 shirt,” Hussein said. “Once, they brought him a football with Barcelona’s slogan, but he immediately painted it white.”



12721549_10156634371945162_82176227_nIts something most of us will never understand, the suffering which has been applied to the Palestinian people. Ahmed was able to tour the teams facility and meet Christiano and many of his teammates, while Ahmed’s Grand Father Proudly wore his Keffiyeh, again this simple act of Solidarity by Real Madrid may be seen by some as not enough, but this is how we reach critical mass.

Palestinians need to continue participating in the world they live in, continue to share the voice of the Oppressed, continue finding new ways to force the mainstream to address the attacks against Palestinian people, who are literally defending themselves from a systematic, concentrated effort to annihilate the native population of Palestine. What makes the situation worse is that many of these attacks against families in the West Bank and military attacks against Gaza, have no form of recourse, and what we see is that “israel” acts with impunity, and is somehow impermeable to international law, essentially making the state of “israel” a rogue state. Something that understandably continues the cycle of violence”, “israel” was never interested in peace, it was interested in its own demented form of ethnocentric “manifest destiny”.

Although this is a beautiful day for the youngster, he still has many obstacles to overcome, Physical and Psychological and here at theTruther.US want to wish Ahmed his Grand Father all the love and blessing in the world; may no child be forced to loose his whole family to something they have no control over!

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Habitual “Price Tag” attacks against Palestinian Christians and Churches: Settlers graffiti “Slaughter the Christians” Jerusalem monastery:

“Its only habitual for radicalized “israeli settlers”, a huge portion of which are American born Jews, who have contracted the same demented form of “Manifest Destiny”, that of the terrorists who attempted to conquer Palestine all those decades ago. Yet “israel” has simply failed to suppress the spirit of the people of Palestine. For the second time, in Jerusalem, a Palestinian Christian Church, an ancient lineage that dates back to Isa (Jesus) was attacked with graffiti, something that is simply apart of the day to day existence for the people of Palestine. These “price tag” attacks have continued because “israel” uses Extrajudicial murder and terrorism as a form, or tool to continue its occupation and ethnocentric systematic genocide, hell bent on crushing any form of Palestinians resistance. But as they move to do this, the more exposed they have become, the more we can see the schism in their hearts and contradiction in their actions.”