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Paul Joseph Watson, the EDL and the Zio alternative media narrative



The inevitable fall from grace of Paul Joseph Watson

Written by. Cat Alexander FerrisPJW Article

Many of us that have come to even the most superficial awakening, have at some point, either listened to or supported Alex Jones and Infowars. At the beginning, one can find great information that has been gathered by the staff, but within the last few years, we have seen a slide from being an “alternative media” outlet, to actually promoting a narrative, that is obviously one that benefits only a small group. Even within the “Alternative media field” one can see the divide that has only become so much more obvious. Paul Joseph Watson is an editor for Infowars and PrisonPlanet, someone who had shown an incredible talent for research and a capacity to see through the trees, or so I thought.


I must admit, part of the reason I’m writing, this is because I once held PJW in such high esteem and felt he might be the key to keeping AJ and Infowars, at least somewhat balanced. Mr. Watson had actually made a small update called “Did Israel collude with ISIS” during the 2014 genocide of Gaza, where he identified not only “israel’s” destruction of Gaza, but that “israel” is actually supplying logistical support for Al nursra and other “compartmentalized Jihadist”. Which was a great sign, but it seems as if he has moved far away from this fact. People that would never have had the capacity to cause so much chaos, if it wasn’t for the west funding and supplying “compartmentalized Jihadists” for the better part of the last 100 years. Again this is something Mr. Watson is, I’m sure, well aware of, yet he has now consistently put forward a narrative, that is not only based on limited conclusions, but by people who have shown themselves to be illegitimate.

Infowars’ Paul Watson Goes Full Sean Hannity on Islam

Former-leader-of-the-EDL-Tommy-Robinson-leaves-Westminster-Magistrates-CourtRecently Infowars and PJW had Tommy Robinson from the EDL (english defense league), a group infamous for its rhetoric against Muslims/immigrants and a “leader” who can only be referred to as a lackey. Although everyone does have the right to free expression, its interesting that PJW and Infowars have become so comfortable with people like this and laid the red carpet out for them. Again its one thing for Journalists to interview and interact with many people who are considered controversial, but it’s another thing to have them on as almost a personal guest. Its become very clear that AJ and PJW have adopted the narrative, not so different from the one that was spit by mainstream media, on 911. Paul Has forgotten to mention, that for the better part of 9 decades, the west has continually financed those who would be the most beneficial, within regime change in Eurasia. By doing so, this would guarantee that no Middle Eastern leader or nation, would ever rise that would rival the US and the “Orders” geopolitical hegemony.





Emir Faisal’s party at Versailles, during the Paris Peace Conference of 1919. At the centre, from left to right: Rustum Haidar, Nuri as-Said, Prince Faisal, Captain Pisani (behind Faisal) T. E. Lawrence (known as “Lawrence of Arabia”), Faisal’s assistant (name unknown), Captain Tahsin Qadri.




The “West” in its failed foreign policy are an integral part of why “radical Islam” has become the number one asset in these regions and for the most part, is a major reason we see such backlash. This narrative also plays beneficial for those in “Israel”, who continue to carry out their own demented form of manifest destiny on the Palestinian population, but most importantly the IOFs attacks against Palestinian children and Journalists. I have yet to hear Paul bring this issue up when dealing with those who are in his inner circle, he has failed time and time again to report the situation of Free Press, inside Occupied Palestine and with his recent posts, has used “Think Tanks” like “PEW” (PEW is a think tank that is used heavily by Hasbara drones to justify their pound of flesh) to prove his narrative. That Islam and a huge majority of its population, somehow support indecency, destruction and decay. Something Vittorio Arrigoni was well aware of, that Gaza and much of the Muslim world will not start to totally liberalize itself, while being physically destroyed and that it would come organically once Occupation has ended.


Although Gaza and indeed Occupied Palestine, women are allowed to drift race, take part in parkour, and all the other things you would associate with “liberal” humanity. Without mentioning Palestinian Christians who are simply thrown in with the boogeyman and left to the mercy of ignorant conclusions about the Middle east and its people. PJW has also spent a great amount of time ridiculing feminists and Black lives matters, which is fine to challenge them, but to make it the corner-stone of your research and social media “resistance” is a waste of talent. We have seen PJW throw on wigs and pretend to be a comedian, when in reality, those issues are more political football than real “professional” research or topics.

“Report of the Defense Science Board Task Force on Strategic Communication” September 2004

hy has Islam become the enemy for PJW and Infowars and I’ve heard the qualifying comments that are used by these men, “not all Muslims are bad” “but” and then go ahead and begin to label off things they have no knowledge about. I’m sure PJW has never attempted to go into a mosque and a have a dialogue, I highly doubt he has sat and read the Quran in its entirety. Limited conclusions based on minds that have had personal experiences they felt were negative. They are kinda like the people traveling the world, who base their whole conclusion of a nation and people, because they had a bad personal experience there, while others rave and cheer about it. Old Tommy boy over at the EDL doesn’t like the fact, that his town is being “taken over”, imagine how the people in Gaza and Syria feel. That his government is guilty of creating and nurturing “radical Islam” that has laid to waste Muslims, Christians and Jews all over Eurasia.12079505_10156136559890162_4272612424386219263_n

Another important fact is that Iran, an Islāmic nation has about 30,000 Jews living under the same relative rights as Muslims and Christians. 972 magazine did an article called; “With tens of thousands of jews living in Iran, why is bibi calling their rulers nazis?”, something I highly doubt PJW or the EDL will likely share, that’s without mentioning the reaction by Muslim brothers when they discovered the western agent Choudary trying to attend their mosque. Actually many of the videos and links that are used by PJW and the EDL to de-legitimize Muslims, are actually the work of Choudary, someone who has found himself alone, with a rather small following. When you think that there is roughly 1.6 billion Muslims in the world, Muslims often condemn Choudary and he has also been condemned by many Muslims in the world as a heretic.

Infowars’ Paul Watson Goes Full Sean Hannity on Islam

Many of those who claim themselves now an “authority“, have forgotten one very important fact, that no man or woman is above scrutiny and if they think that they can silence the accuser, by ridiculing the accuser or by censoring them; “they will find that there will be more accusers than there is now, those I have tried to restrain, they will be younger and more severe with you and you will be more offended by them, the greatest way is to be improving yourselves not destroying whole populations.”

At Infowars, Editor-At Large Paul Joseph Watson claimed that Ahmed’s story gained attention because of the “trendy” fact that the student is Muslim and called the notion that Ahmed’s race or religion played a factor in his treatment “completely bogus”: 

14-year-old Ahmed Mohamed built a clock to impress his teacher but ended up in handcuffs after police were called over concerns the object resembled a bomb.

The leftist media and social justice warrior ‘virtue signalers’ immediately leapt on the story to claim that Mohamed was targeted because he was a Muslim (and not because his “clock” looked nothing like a clock and more closely resembled a bomb in a briefcase).

Never wasting an opportunity to ingratiate himself with the politically correct crowd, Obama reached out to Ahmed and invited him to visit the White House.

The notion that white kids wouldn’t be treated the same way and that Ahmed was only targeted because of his skin color or religion is completely bogus.

Innumerable non-Muslim kids have been disciplined, suspended and even SWAT-teamed for objects far less concerning than Ahmed’s clock.

To the left, defending American kids who are persecuted for wearing Old Glory just isn’t trendy enough, but if a Muslim called Mohamed gets in trouble for bringing something that resembles a bomb to school, liberals are falling over themselves to worship him. [InfoWars.com, 9/17/15]

[PDF]Report of the Defense Science Board Task Force on …

Federation of American Scientists Filed under Strategic Communication. September 2004. Office of the Under Secretary of Defense. For Acquisition, Technology, and Logistics. Washington, D.C. 20301-3140 …
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  1. Thanks Catlin for the excellent coverage of sites like Info Wars and their backups. I’ve never been a fan of AJ and rarely, if ever, watched his show until he had Dr. David Duke on as a guest a month or so back. AJ has too many Jews in his closet supporting his site to qualify as an unbiased reporter of today’s news.

    Keep on investigating and writing Cat. We need younger truth seekers to carry on in the battle for truth and honesty in journalism and in life itself.

  2. Thank You very much Mr Topham you are an incredibly brave and wise man. We are honored that you have taken the time from your busy schedule to visit our page. It is our promise that we will continue to do everything in our power to push out the truth, and we will do every thing we can to break the monopoly strangle hold that zionist interest have over western media today. It’s only because of courageous men like your self, those who are highly educated and well respected that we journalist are even able to have some validity left in order properly cite our articles.

  3. Thanks for the kind words Danny. All truth seekers are brave for they are all inevitably persecuted and maligned by the satanic forces now in control of our media and governments. Be prepared and vigilant yourselves.

    And a Merry Christmas to all!


  4. Excellent article, and while we’re listing off those who have sold their souls to the Judaic narrative that ‘Islam is a religion of violence that has no place in Western civilization’, let’s not forget Jeff Rense as well.

  5. It’s been years since I’ve written a blogg or posted a youtube video.
    But I feel deeply encouraged and rewarded to see that that a vid I posted is still reaching people.
    The 1st vid in this article was posted by me on youtube years ago. “Zbigniew Brzezinski Taliban Pakistan Afghanistan pep talk 1979”
    Regretfully I don’t recall who I copied it from, to give them full credit.
    Years ago I argued with the Alex Jones Groupies; What do you expect the bona-fide of someone to be when they mix some truth with stories of “shape shifting reptilians” and “no planes” on 911, or “Germanic Bloodlines” He tried to scare the crap out of people with his Y2K threat alarm of an imminent global collapse into the dark ages, and even reported launching of Russian Missiles to USA.
    He claimed as his own, prior to 911, a warning of a false flag attack on USA to be falsely blamed on Ossama binLaden, even though it was actually foreseen and forewarned by Bill Cooper prior to his death at the hands of police. He later went on to besmirch Bill Cooper with lies.
    This all has been known publicly FOR YEARS!, more than a decade!

    I have read far and wide, and I’ve tried to take it all in objectively and to always keep some doubts of all I read. Therefore I can honestly say that I have little doubt in my mind that Alex Jones’ INFOWARS is a “limited hangout”; that he and his presstitutes are “gatekeepers”.

    Dear reader; I’m a “struggling nobody” and yet, look here!, years later my vid is getting some millage.
    If I help to inform just one person or two, even after years, the world’s population of the informed will increase exponentially.
    If I recall correctly; Ex-CIA 25+year Analyst Ray McGovern tells that 80% of CIA intelligence is gathered publicly or online… The info is just a click away folks. click off from infowars and look elsewhere.
    Through reasoned discussion, the truth will out.

    For your entertainment and encouragement:

  6. A bit off topic..
    re: Publicly available information which the so called “Jersey Girls” (Not Alex Jones) found and called out…
    AJ has given us NOTHING of value. Anything significant which he’s told us, was already publicly known; including Bohemian Grove.

    My FAVOURITE 911 moment @ 3:43 in following vid.

  7. Also: FOR YEARS! any callers to Alex Jones’ radio show who dared to mention Israel in the context of 911, were metaphorically “beaten to a pulp”; even though he took no issue with accusations pointed at Arabs, or Germanic Bloodlines, or even his own country and people of USA. (not to mention the shape shifting lizards)
    This was apparent to anyone that bothered to look into 911.

    Even FOX (faux) NEWS did a 4 part program looking into Israeli involvement in 911. (subsequently but quickly removed from their site).

    He is a bigger obfuscator of information around Israel than FOX; and that’s got to tell you something.
    Regardless of how much AJ shouts, INFOWARS is Worse than FOX. It’s a WAR against INFO; and it seems that many a young skeptic have followed this pied piper like lemmings.

    RIP and thanks to Bill Cooper for “outing” Alex Jones prior to the day of Bill’s murder: Nov 6th 2001.