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Controlled Opposition: Alex Jones, Trump and the Zio alternative media Narrative.




Hysteria, where? Hysteria everywhere, how quickly and easily can the boogeyman be created, how men like Donald Trump try to capitalize on those fears. When people like Alex Jones and Infowars throw their support behind Trump, another establishment mouth piece, one has to start to question their narrative. At the same time, men like Mark Dankof openly throw their support behind people like Ken O’Keffe, someone far different, who is a legitimate solider and leader. We can see just by men’s actions where they stand and those who continue to stand on the side of humanity, even though they could sell out for the big bucks, are truly on are side, humanities side.


In this authors opinion Mr. O’Keffe has shown, on many different platforms, just how clear he is on the subject of the geopolitical landscape, which plagues us today. So clear that sometimes I feel like the words have been taken right from my mouth, O’Keffe a veteran of the “world orders” wars and a man who has seen first hand the destruction and suffering, the west has caused much of the world. The consequences of those actions, have unequivocally shown to cause dire problems only years later. The policy that we have seen from the “Order” has been one of total decay and destruction, yet we continue to see candidates that are less suited for real diplomacy, and more for some dystopian novel, fictional tyrannical character.




Going even further, the reporting of these facts have been manipulated by the same “5th estate” Alternative media, who now play an integral role, in how information is shared and used as resistance. Much of the critics within the alternative liberty field, those who have come to very limited conclusions on Islam, and so called “radical Islam”, something they will admit was fostered right from the beginning by the west and her proxies, yet not base their perspectives on this understanding.

uss-liberty_Infowars and AJ quote the same “think tanks” that at one time, they pointed to as being those responsible for most of what we see today. Alex Jones has actually expressed kind feelings towards men like Ted Cruz, someone who has spent more time campaigning in “israel”, than in the US. Someone who is heavily influenced by “israel”, someone people like AJ have consistently failed to condemn or for that matter even relate.

It was these “compartmentalized Jihadists” groups that were nurtured and specifically used for not only regime change, but also for the isolation of the soviet empire, something which has now sprouted new wings with the downing of a Russian Fighter Jet by Turkish forces representing NATO, another cold war perhaps? Although there is much discourse within the liberty movement about Putin and Russia’s role in the world, that is changing second by second, day by day and is truly fought on the ground and through every platform imaginable.

12388218_10156293592125162_974500307_nWe have seen legitimate resistance thrown into the same pile by some who are claiming to be apart of Alternative Liberty Media, and when things start to look there worst, that’s when the truth comes out, the real wolf in sheep’s clothing shows itself, by its actions not its words. Like most cultures when they come to the west, they usually keep some of their customs, and what we often see are “little cities” that pop up inside major places of population, where one can find easily those things that are common with that culture or faith.

chinatownMany of those within the “Alternative media” have pointed to places in America and Europe, that have a higher number of Muslims residing there and used clips of normal Muslims going about their days as proof of a total Sharia Law take over. A concept that many are unclear on, or have perverted for their own political gains, nefarious motives.

In my time around the Muslim community, not once have I ever seen any muslim tell others how to dress or act, and although one can’t deny that there are people who are not ambassadors for the faith who act this way, people will use these limited actions as justification for whatever narrative they wish to spin. That which makes the most dollars or drops the most bombs. We are now witnessing the mass hysteria that was fostered not only by the mainstream media, but those who allegedly claim to be apart of the alternative “liberty media” and one would suggest that for those truly looking for the truth, that they look at the narrative and where it comes from, and who it comes from.



“It is no measure of health to be well adjusted to a truly sick society”

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  1. Ken O’keefe for president. Or some position with power to compel the willfully stupid, and the stupidly willful. (What’s he doing – I haven’t seen anything from Ken Since Paris.) Oh, and lastly since I do not have a bio-sealed>> nuclear hardened bunker,>> well stocked of course >>>what’s the target: 1.warm, 2. remote beach, with 3. no statistic, mineral, or military interest>> for when I/we all toss in the towel for humanity. – Fredi

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